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Zebra Dial - Ebony and Zebrawood

Zebra Dial - Ebony and Zebrawood

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Ebony and Zebrawood are two woods that are often used together in woodworking because of their striking contrast in color. Ebony is a deep, dark wood, while Zebrawood is a light, striped wood. When these two woods are combined, they create a unique and eye-catching look. 

In the case of the super-light all wood pairing, the ebony provides a strong, dark foundation for the zebrawood's stripes to stand out against. This creates a look that is both stylish and modern. The two woods also complement each other well in terms of their grain patterns. The ebony's smooth, even grain provides a nice contrast to the zebrawood's more dramatic stripes. This makes the overall look of the piece more interesting and visually appealing.

  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Mineral Glass Crystal
  • 5 Year Dakota Warranty
  • All Wood Band 
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