How We Got Here:

75 years have passed. 3 generations have led. 1 mission still rules:

“Build timeless pieces with expressive designs, best-quality components, and a purchase price that is not purposely inflated.”

All this plus a substantial guarantee (and if necessary, quick, and easy service.)

But let’s take a walk down memory lane to how we got here: 

1945: Albert Cooper - The Vision Starts in Cincinnati, Ohio

After WWII, Albert (my grandfather), saw an opportunity and leased counter spaces in department stores for serving watches and other products.

He started providing all kinds of repairs, including shavers, scissor sharpening, engraving, and key making. Cooper’s Fixery was born.

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1980: David and Martin Cooper Take Over.

Cooper’s Fixery had loyal customers. But when Martin (my Uncle) and David (my Dad) joined, they saw one thing stood out the most: watches. And that's when the main focus shifted to sales and services of watches.

Cooper’s Fixery becomes Cooper’s Watchworks. This duo made their stores a destination known for great and friendly service.

Martin was (and still is) obsessed with his customers and the process of building quality watches. What he likes the most?

“Everything. Watches are about design and function, and they’re an extension of the wearer’s personality. Wearing a watch really is a personal statement” - Martin Cooper

Few people love this business like my family - we spend our time (mostly outdoors) thinking of new watch designs and products to match different activities and personalities.

  • David, Albert, and Martin

1990: Dakota Watch Company - The “Rock Solid Time” Era Begins

More customers identified our watches with durability. And that’s when The “Rock Solid Times” era began, with that came the final change: Dakota Watch Company.  

Our watch and bands selections and designs expanded. And so did our stores.

Today, Dakota Watch Company owns more than 50 retail stores across the US. 

Crazy how all this started with a visionary move from Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re still here - going harder than ever.

Great to have you on this adventure with us. Hope you enjoy your Dakota Watches as much as we enjoy making them for you.

- Sam Cooper

President, 3rd Generation Cooper and Outdoor Lover