Watch Battery Replacement

In business since 1945

We feel our customers' confidence lies not only with the quality of our products, but also with our ability to service our watches for the lifetime of the timepiece. Since we have been in the service industry for over 50 years, we understand that being a full service company saves our customers the hassle of dealing with a third party when it comes to warranty repair.

One of the services we offer is: Watch Battery Replacement. We perform this service on our watches, as well as, most other watch brands sold. Throughout the years, Dakota Watch Company has become the battery experts, replacing over 1.5 million watch batteries each year. At store level, our trained sales professionals will skillfully replace your watch battery with a factory fresh Swiss Renata or Energizer battery. This service comes with a full one year warranty on the battery. A two year warranty is also available.  Ask associate or customer service for details.

In conjunction with a battery replacement, if your watch is water resistant, the manufacturer recommends that a water resistance test be performed. Dakota Watch Company has the equipment needed to determine the level of water resistance once your watch has been opened for a battery replacement. This advanced technology will test the amount of pressure that the watch can withstand externally and internally up to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The cost of these services vary depending on the type of watch (non water resistant, water resistant, fine grade), battery type (lithium, silver oxide) and the service(s) performed. The price can range anywhere from $13.95 up to $27.95.



Your first battery replacement is free on all Dakota brand watches purchased directly from our online store or from one of our many mall locations.  To have your battery replaced, return your watch and sales receipt to your local Dakota Watch Company location.  To find a location go to our store locations link - HERE.  

If a store location is not convienient, you may mail your watch to us for battery replacement.  Mail the watch and a copy of your sales receipt to:

Dakota Watch Company - Attn: Customer Service
856 E Crescentville Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45246

Please also include your name, return shipping address, phone number and a check or money order for $9.95 ($19.95 outside the US) for return shipping.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for your watch to be returned.

If this is not your 1st battery replacement or you do not have your warranty information, you may still have your battery replaced at a store location or by mail.  If mailing, be sure to include your name, address, phone number and a check or money order for $15.95 ($19.95 is outside US).  Please allow 2-4 weeks for your watch to be returned.

In the event of a defect, for warranty repair after 30 days of purchase, return your watch with the sales receipt to the nearest Dakota Watch Company store location to be sent for warranty repair. If this is not possible, send the watch and a copy of the sales receipt with a check or money order for $9.95 for domestic orders OR $19.95 USD for international orders, to cover handling to the address below. The check or money order should be made payable to Dakota Watch Company. In the event that parts are no longer available, the company reserves the right to substitute a "like" replacement at our discretion.

 If you have purchased your watch from one of our Dakota Watch Company store locations OR the Dakota Watch Company web site, a refund or exchange is offered within 30 days of purchase. If you purchased your watch from another retailer, please return it to the original place of purchase. We serve as an authorized repair center ONLY for those watches not purchased on the Dakota Watch Company website, or from a Dakota Watch Company owned store location.


Attn: Customer Service
856 E Crescentville Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45246